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Aug 5, 2016

Interview with a Marquis

R. Boissieu: Hello, everyone, Renae Boissieu here and today I have the esteemed pleasure of interviewing Monsieur le Marquis du Ezera, head of Le Gendarmie, Owner and Head Executive of Ezera Shipping and Marquis of Sirap. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to speak with me, milord.

Marquis du Ezera: You are most welcome. It's important we nobility remind the common people that we are just like them.

R. Boissieu: Of course, milord. I haven't had the chance to speak with you since your wife's passing. I wish to offer my condolences. I know it has been several years, but I know the city still grieves for her.

Marquis du Ezera: Merci. I miss her everyday. It happened so quickly. I barely know what went wrong. I'm sad she never got to see her daughter married.

R. Boissieu: Ah, yes, your daughter, Skyele. She is quite beautiful, are there any plans for her marriage?

Marquis du Ezera: There are plans in the works, yes. But there are so many eligible bachelors out there in the world worth marrying her to and so few of them that could actually handle her. It's just the matter of finding one that could actually take control of her.

R. Boissieu: She is a strong woman from what I hear. Whatever man you find will be proud to have her. Milord, on a more serious note, what kind of steps is le Gendarmie taking to control the criminals of Sirap? I had a conversation with one of the Fu shan Chu's Master Thieves, and she seemed to believe that the gendarme of this city were merely an inconvenience.

Marquis du Ezera: The gendarme of this city take their jobs very seriously, and we are always searching for and cracking down on crime wherever we can. If you see anything suspicious, tell a gendarme. I would also like to know just how you arranged a meeting with one of the Fu shan Chu's master thieves.

R. Boissieu: I had a contact put me in touch with her, milord. I can have you put in touch with that contact, though I don't know how much you can actually arrest her for. She barely told me anything.

Marquis du Ezera: Yes, I read your interview with her. She did not seem like the forthcoming type. It doesn't much matter. The eels eat them all the same. It is something I would very much like to watch. The Fu shan Chu's people, especially his masters, need to learn they are not above the law.

R. Boissieu: Do you go watch the executions, milord? They are quite the spectacle.

Marquis du Ezera: I do. Like I said, we nobility are not so much different from the average citizen. I go watch the executions, same as them. They remind me of just how precious life is, and how so many people seem eager to throw it away for the sake of a little food.

R. Boissieu: It could be said, milord, that those people would have died without that food.

Marquis du Ezera: This is true. They could have starved to death, but that is a much slower death and maybe a job would have opened up. I know many sailing captains are always looking for ship hands, and that tends to pay exceedingly well for the work involved. The gendarme are always hiring. There is work out there for the taking, much of it doesn't even require the ability to read or manipulate numbers.

R. Boissieu: Of course, milord. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with me.

Marquis du Ezera: You are most welcome, Mademoiselle. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting I must attend.

R. Boissieu: Of course, milord. Merci.
That seemed to have gone much better for Renae. As always, any questions for anyone, Nathan, Ezera, or Jade, should be left