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Jun 3, 2016

Interview with a Thief

Interviewer: Hello, everyone, we are here with Jade, Master Thief and wanted criminal in the city of Sirap. My name is Roxane Boissieu from the Sirap Herald. Jade, thank you for coming to speak with me today.

Jade: I was forced into this.

R. Boissieu: Is that officially?

Jade: Sure.

R. Boissieu: Well, I am glad you came. It's so nice to finally hear what Sirap is like from the other side.

Jade: Ah, yes, that's right. You're the reporter that writes the scandal pieces on the nobility in the pamphlets. I'm so glad I've finally made your acquaintance. Are you so sure you're seeing it from the other side?

R. Boissieu: So, tell me, what is life like as an infamous criminal?

Jade: I'm sorry. Is it different from other people's lives?

R. Boissieu: Well, most people don't live in fear of the gendarme and being swum.

Jade: Who said I did?

R. Boissieu: Don't you?

Jade: It's an accepted hazard of the job. I've watched friends swim, and I've held my vigils for them. I just have to be one step ahead of the gendarme every time, but they're an easy bunch to outwit.

R. Boissieu: And why is that?

Jade: Because the smart ones are criminals.

R. Boissieu: Alright... What kind of training did you receive in order to rise to the prestigious rank you have achieved at such a young age?

Jade: I learned to be a thief.

R. Boissieu: And just what does that entail?

Jade: The ability to steal your watch ten minutes ago when I shook your hand.

R. Boissieu: So you have. May I have it back?

Jade: Why would you want it back? The gold is fake, the stones are glass, and it's broken. It's not worth very much.

R. Boissieu: It was my fathers.

Jade: Ah, personal sentiment. I've found that's why most people keep worthless junk around.

R. Boissieu: Speaking of personal sentiment, I imagine you are a rather busy woman.

Jade: Uh huh.

R. Boissieu: But is there any time in your schedule for courting? Anybody the readers should keep an eye on?

Jade: No, I don't have time for courting, and even when I did, most people didn't make it past my warm, inviting exterior.

R. Boissieu: Yes, I'm sure. Are you eager for your story to be told? It is coming out later this year. I understand that it is the story of how you became you.

Jade: I don't know where you got your information but it's wrong. It's not the story of how I became who I am. It's what I did after it that destroyed me. The story of how I became me started long before the events of this book that's coming out. As to my feelings on my story being told, lets just say I didn't have much of a choice, so I'm just going with it.

R. Boissieu: Ah. Well, I'm sure the readers will find this personal interview with you very enlightening to your character. Thank you for coming to speak with me today.

Jade: As I said, I didn't have much of a choice.

R. Boissieu: Well, thank you regardless.

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