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Jul 1, 2016

Interview with an Assassin

R. Boissieu: Hello, everyone, Roxane Boissieu of the Sirap Herald here. This time I have the pleasure of interviewing Tao Nathaniel, leader of le Fraternite des Lames and heir of the Fu shan Chu's criminal enterprise, if I am not mistaken--

Nate: You are, and please, just call me Nathaniel.

R. Boissieu: Alright, Nathaniel. Why am I mistaken? I thought the Fu shan Chu's organization was a hereditary thing.

Nate: Firstly, even if it were a 'hereditary thing', my uncle and I are at an impasse over...let's call them moral decisions, so I would be the last person he would name his heir. Secondly, criminal organizations are hereditary for as long as there is no violence inside the organization, and that rarely lasts more than a generation. I've seen my share of criminal organizations go through several leadership changes when the old man in charge dies.

R. Boissieu: As an assassin, did you have a hand in any of those old men dying?

Nate: Our clients pay us well for our silence. I will not discuss old and current jobs with a pamphlets writer.

R. Boissieu: You don't have to say it so harshly.

Nate: We all have our jobs, Mademoiselle Boissieu, and I understand that yours is a conceivably necessary one. That does not mean I have to like it.

R. Boissieu: Alright. Well, Monsieur, you are an associate of a lovely lady I spoke with last month. A Mademoiselle Jade.

Nate: I am.

R. Boissieu: Could you potentially elaborate on the nature of your relationship with her?

Nate: She's a good friend and a colleague, nothing more.

R. Boissieu: Come now, you really can't expect my readers to believe that there is nothing going on between you and her.

Nate: I honestly don't give a damn what your readers think. Jade and I are friends and there is nothing more to that.

R. Boissieu: We'll see.

Nate: Contrary to popular belief, Mademoiselle, not all assassins kill only for money. Sometimes we do it for personal gain.

R. Boissieu: Are you threatening to kill me?

Nate: If you publishing anything even hinting to the fact that there is anything more than a 'just friends relationship' between Jade and I, yes. I have been told I am very good at what I do.

R. Boissieu: I don't think that is very necessary, Monsieur.

Nate: Mademoiselle Boissieu, if you think us very different, you are very, very wrong. I just happen to extend the courtesy of being on the end of the blade instead of hiding behind a piece of parchment. So, yes, it is necessary.

R. Boissieu: I do not kill people, Monsieur, and I resent the implication that I do.

Nate: Not directly, no, but believe me, Mademoiselle, your writings have gotten people killed. Whether you like to think that or not. You would be amazed at what people will have other people killed for. Some times its as simple as a slip of the tongue to a pretty little reporter.

R. Boissieu: I do not kill people.

Nate: Whatever makes you sleep better at night. Are we done here? I have somewhere important I must be.

R. Boissieu: Would that somewhere have anything to do with Jade?

Nate: Remember, Mademoiselle, curiosity killed the cat.

R. Boissieu: They say satisfaction brought it back.

Nate: In this case, satisfaction would cause it to vanish into the night while walking home from work, never to be seen again. Clear?

R. Boissieu: Clear. Yes, we're done here. Thank you for coming to speak with me. It was....um....very enlightening.

Nate: Take my advice, Mademoiselle Boissieu, stick to writing about fat nobles and their affairs. The criminals of this fine city don't have as much self control when it comes to killing people.

Well, it seems like Madamoiselle Boissieu might be a little in over her head interviewing hardcore criminals. Luckily next time she'll be back interviewing the nobility she is used to. Maybe that will go better for her. If you have any questions for either Jade or Nathaniel, please leave them in the comments below and we'll see if we can convince them to come back for another session.

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